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Must-Have Fall Fashion Trends!

Summer’s gone and cooler weather may just be here to stay -- and for us, the name of the game is layering! Transitioning between the seasons can be super difficult -- especially if your wardrobe … Read Full Article

Financial Wealth

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Getting Strategic Investors

In recent years, sites like Kickstarter have gained increasing popularity as they have allowed artists, activists, non profits, and others to gain access to funds and support. Entrepreneur points out … Read Full Article

Health & Wellness

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Why Does the Scale Say That?

Have you ever stepped on the scale in the morning and smiled because you’d dropped a pound or two? Or, upon seeing higher-than-usual numbers, blamed your unexpected weight gain on heavy shoes or the … Read Full Article

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Author Mary O’Malley

An Interview with Mary O'Malley: Author, Counselor, Speaker & Teacher of Awakening   Sylvia: Welcome Mary! I am excited to finally interview you. I am also very honored that you sent me a copy … Read Full Article