Green is the color of money: Colors that attract wealth

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Want to sell more?  Need to command respect and gain recognition? Want instant sex appeal? Consider the colors you wear.  What we wear and the colors we wear can help us project an image of success and trust; or one of uncertainty and distrust.  Color plays such an important role in our lives whether we realize it or not.  It has the ability to influence our feeling and emotions in a way that few other mediums can.  Color is powerful.  It can make us see, feel, hear and taste.  The next time you have an important meeting with a client, or with your significant other consider the message you want to send.

Here are some ways to use color to achieve the results you want:

  • Energize or warm up an outfit, wear socking pink, fuchsia, red, yellow red, orange, and turquoise.
  • To soften the starkness of neutral color such as black, beige add Lilac, pale yellow, baby blue, pale green, peach or pink accents.
  • Add more dimension with silver or gold.
  • Colors that sell more:  True blue, light shades of blue; inspire trust.  Orange ; friendly and appeals to all.  Yellow, cheerful and stimulating.  Blue based pinks, are calming and inspire others.
  • Colors that demand attentions:  Yellow based pinks and peach, demand attention, enhance perceptions of romance and lull the heart.
    Midrange red violet, attract men of wealth and influence. radiate spirituality, and illuminate the personality.
  • The power colors are:  blue, black, beige, and red.
  • Women should be careful using pink, as it may come across as too girly.
  • Color can:  Evoke memories, tell a story, reveal personality, affect your emotions, change your mood, evoke sounds, and effect all or our senses.

When you think of these colors what do you see, feel, hear, or taste?

  • Red:  You see, a rose, heart, or ruby, you may feel passion, strength, power, you hear screams, siren, pulse.
  • Purple:  See, velvet, lilacs, satin robe, feel rich royal, immaculate.
  • Yellow:  See, sunshine, lemons, the happy face, feel happy, optimistic, playful, taste, sour, tart like (just the thought of lemons make your mouth water).
  • Black:  See, night, black tie, limousine, feel confident, discreet, mysterious.
  • Blue:  See, ocean, sky, feel soothed, calm, reassured, hear, peaceful, sigh of the tides.
  • Green:  See, freshly cut grass, jade, crisp granny smith apples, wealth, smell, freshly cut grass, money.

There are many ways to combine color to influence what people perceive.  Use color confidently and imaginatively to get noticed.  The right colors brighten your eyes, make your skin look radiant and create a glowing healthy and confident you.  By learning which colors “pick you up” you will soon have a clear idea of which shades of color suit you and you can then use them with confidence, safe in the knowledge that they make you look and feel great.


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